Gambling related sponsorships in Premier League

In many countries, gambling sponsors are being predominant with football teams, notably at the Premier League scale. It was revealed late 2018 that half of them have actually gambling sponsors. In fact, here is our top ranking of teams having a gambling sponsor in their shirts.

Bournemouth & M88 industry

With a supporting amount of £3,5 million in 2017, M88 couldn’t expect anything less than appearing on Bournemouth’s Premier League shirt. The team has shown good results, reaching the top 10 ranking for this season.

Burnley, supported by Laba360

Being among the top teams of the Premier League, Laba360 couldn’t dream about a better partner for gaining visibility than Burnley. Their partnership has stayed a secret, and we don’t know how much they paid for getting their place on the front seats… Directly on the ground !

Crystal Palace and ManBetX’s sponsorship

As one of the top 20 teams in the world, Crystal Palace offers its sponsors a great visibility, and ManBetX won’t say the contrary. In fact, the company spent £6,5 million appearing on the team’s shirt, which is quite a sum.

Everton, one of the most expensive sponsoring with SportPesa

Who said you can’t beat ManBetX’s sponsorship ? SportPesa, which appears to be one of the top gambling companies in the world, has put on the table the amount of… £9,6 million ! At that price, do they even get what they want? Yes, for sure : a study has shown Everton’s fans were perfectly aware of SportPesa’s presence on their shirts.

Fulham and Grosvenor Casinos

Did you know that Fulham was the first team to accept a gambling company as a sponsor ? Back in 2002, that was quite a new attitude… And it paid, in both senses, since Fulham offers the best visibility one sponsor could expect.

Grosvenor Casinos have made the jackpot rings in the football industry. We don’t know how much the Premier League’s team wins from this agreement, but we assume this is a lot.

NewCastle United and Fun88’s support

Just after Crystal Palace in current Premier League’s ranking, NewCastle United has a wonderful sponsor to rely on: Fun88, who spent £6 million appearing on their shirts.

West Ham and the big sponsor Betway

If West Ham keeps being one of the big short of the decade, since Betway investing £10 million on the team, it has changed from the football team’s perspective since the Paradise Papers leaked some information regarding Betway’s accountability.

The Wolverhampton Wanderers and W88’s presence on their shirts

With a normal £3 million invested by W88 in the Wolverhampton Wanderers’ team, let’s say that was a real bet. In fact, the WW only joined the Premier League for the 2018-2019 season, which makes them “amateurs” in the field. Well, let’s see if it’s worth it in a few months !

As a comparison, let’s remind that only 15% of Premier League teams had a gambling sponsor on their shirt ten years ago… Which is now 45%. What is to be expected in 10 years?